DevBlog #38 Animal Magnetism Quest, Version Update & More

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1.18 Server Update

Due to a security issue that affected Minecraft and other applications in early December 2021, we were forced to switch the server version from 1.13.2 to 1.18.2. This has taken a great deal of time, and thank you to all who have helped us with testing.

The update process is now complete, for many users there will be a minor difference in gameplay elements, but we are excited because it allows our builders to use the new blocks & features that come with all the missed updates!

Animal Magnetism

Tired of having to pick up your ranged ammunition off the ground? Ava has taken residence inside Draynor Manor and has the device to solve that problem! She's just a little bit crazy, and as the helpful adventurer that you are, you agree to run her errands and try to make sense of her research notes.

Upon completion of the quest, you are awarded one of two Ava's devices, either the Attractor or the Accumulator. Players under 50 ranged will receive the Attractor, and those above 50 will get the Accumulator.

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Get your ghost speak amulets ready as with this update we've added the long-awaited Ectofunctus! Slime buckets and crushed-up bones are here in droves for that sweet sweet prayer XP. As the first section towards the haunted port town of Morytania, we're allowing players to stock up on Ecto-tokens while we await the fated release of Port Phasmatys. So get to grinding and start offering your prayers!

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At the start of 2022, we made a minor update, adding the proof of concept minimap to each player's hud, this should hopefully help people be able to find their way around the world easier.

Included in the update is an indicator of your current position on the map, and thanks to our team member Zombie, we have icons for shops/banks/quests etc and region names.

We appreciate the feedback around the minimap and expect future updates such as being able to change the position and having an outline to make the edges less sharp.

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Herb Sack

The slayer masters in Gielinor have a new item in their rewards shop that they are willing to let adventurers purchase for a modest amount of slayer points. The herb sack finally makes its arrival in Minescape! Gone are the days of having to bank early because you cannot hold all of those dank herbs that have dropped, with the ability to hold an impressive 420 grimy herbs inside, nice. From guam to torstol, the sack holds 30 of each type of grimy herb inside of it for all of your hippy, herbalist fantasies.

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Bank Actions

With this new update, some new Quality of Life features have been added to the bank. These functionalities bring huge changes to the banking interface, allowing players to swap out bank actions from one another. The actions include the ability to deposit armour and backpack items, empty/fill the coal bag, and empty the herb sack or essence pouches. If you have any suggestions for more functionalities like these, please post them in the suggestions channel in the discord.

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Demonic Ashes

Get ready to scatter your enemy's ashes for a new way to get some prayer XP whilst fighting demonic creatures. Some of the NPCs in the game have had their tags updated and will drop different ashes that you can scatter for prayer experience, depending on what the creature is. Fiendish ashes will give 10 XP, vile ashes will give 25 XP, malicious ashes will give 65 XP, and lastly, abyssal ashes will give 85 XP when scattered. Now get out there and start slaying demons!

Here is a list of what NPCs are now classified as demons and drop ashes:

  • Imps - Fiendish Ashes
  • Bloodvelds - Vile Ashes
  • Hellhounds - Vile Ashes
  • Nechryaels - Malicious Ashes
  • Lesser/Greater Demons - Vile Ashes
  • Black Demons - Malicious Ashes
  • Abyssal Demons - Abyssal Ashes
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Suggestions & Bugs

All great minds think alike when working together on a brilliant idea, which is why we've added suggestions & bug channels to the official Minescape discord. These channels will replace the old roadmap website, many of you have already seen them pop up and contributed, we appreciate this a great deal.

The suggestions channel allows players to write down their ideas on what they think should be added to the game in a future update. Please provide as much information as possible, the easier you make it for the team to understand the suggestion the faster it can be added to the game. Additionally, players can upvote the suggestion, to show their support for the post with the strength emote.

Use the bugs channel to report any issues in the game, from blocks of dirt in trees to missing NPC's and everything in-between.

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New Hub

You all may have noticed the Christmas hub around December as well as the current hub which replaced the old hub that's been around for a while that one of our lovely builders, Ruby built. Be on the lookout for more event/seasonal hubs that are currently in the works. These new hubs will be on a rotational basis, so look forward to those and try to spot any easter eggs!

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Making NPC dialogue has always been a pain point in the development process for the server. To help with this we are implementing an improved way of creating NPC dialogue, that even players can help with! If it would interest you to help out in this area, see examples at (Top right github dropdown) and reach out to the team if you have any questions.

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  • Add essence mine portals instead of NPC's.
  • Add empty bucket options with right click.
  • Add Elemental talisman usage.
  • Add edible garden pie & boost.
  • Add edible curry.
  • Add the ability to take the eggs out of bird's nests.
  • Add golden skill icons.
  • Fix item drops to correctly sit on top of half blocks.
  • Fix lowering the radius of item frames spawning, to help fps.
  • Fix Construction buildmode command outside of POH.
  • Fix Taking some items onto Entrana (bracelets).
  • Fix Tanner not detecting normal leather.
  • Fix Construction not giving farming experience.
  • Fix Construction servants not putting items in your bank.
  • Fix Plurals on slayer mob tasks.
  • Fix Finishing tutorial - bank reset & items.