DevBlog #37 Drop Tables, Shop Rework, Improvements & More

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A new quest release and highly requested changes in MineScape's latest server update! So let's get right into it.

Witch's House Quest

Little Billy accidentally kicked his ball over the hedge onto the property of Nora T. Hagg and you must embark on a breaking and entering quest to retrieve it from the Witch's House. Solve puzzles and try not to get caught by the witch, otherwise, she'll kick you out of her property. Find out what's inside of the shed if you dare.

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Drop Tables

Mob drop tables have been given small fixes over time to help alleviate some of the issues it had with how drops functioned. This update brings changes to all mob tables that corrects their item drops alongside the rates of accessing the rare drop table, gem drop table, seed table, etc.

An exciting feature that many of you all wanted for a long time is a functioning Ring of Wealth that now removes the "nothing" drop from the gem drop table, improving your odds of getting that juicy loot! Whilst still missing the coin pickup functionality, the Ring of Wealth will receive an update further down the line.

Tertiary loot from mobs will now drop alongside the normal loot drop tables. Loot drops that came from the tertiary table were merged into the normal loot table and thus only counted as such, meaning you would only get that drop and nothing else from the normal table in the game before this new update.

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Shop Rework

Bust out your gp piggybank for the shop rework that has made its way to every NPC shop in Gielinor. This rework encompasses everything from price changes to stock replenishment times, bringing them to their true rates and even separate shops for Ironmen! Whenever you buy items from shops, their price will increase accordingly per item bought until the stock of the item runs out.

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You may notice some shops have a slight nerf when it comes to stock replenishment, but a slight buff to others. Lastly, shops buy & sell information has been added to the '/items' command to better show where to purchase items.

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Interface Changes

Icon-ic changes have made their way with some new interface changes, namely the new merge, lock, and note icons in the bank menu. Among these new changes is a handy new "click to continue" animation for the chat interface to help out those who were having trouble identifying what to do next when talking to an NPC.

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Since they are not required, the player's previous game and chat trade chats will no longer be saved upon logout. This should allow for a noticeable improvement to load times when joining worlds.

Character System

There's a brand new character system making its way into MineScape, allowing you to retire current characters to create a fresh character from scratch to play on if you so desire.

The system works on having "active" and "retired" character slots. All players start with the default 1 "active" slot and up to 3 total slots. Once you are done with an account or wish to restart your account, you may retire the slot and create a new character.

Having membership bumps the total slots up to 10 and additionally allows you to claim a character that will not be counted towards the number of active slots. Additionally, you will be able to bring back accounts that have been retired if you have an open character slot.

Purchased character slots will now add to both the active and retired slot count, allowing for more characters to be played at a time.

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Website Changes

If you've visited the website recently, you may have already noticed some of the new changes that are in place. The store, map, and roadmap all have been updated and more streamlined to give them a fancy, new look, but also doubling as a functionality update. Purchases from the store are now also able to be made via Stripe for those unable to use PayPal.

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Other pages such as the roadmap suggestions, music player, wiki, and potentially brand new pages will be updated soon, to add easier functionality and improve interactability.

Server Improvements

Many improvements have been cooking up in the background for the server, as a whole, that will have a meaningful impact on the server's wellbeing. With so much changed on the backend of the server, this means that, overall, there is better performance for everyone playing on the server! That's not all, because if everything goes well, accordingly, then more worlds will be coming back!


Once again, a lot of great content is in the works, and the team is making great progress. The development team will now start working on the Animal Magnetism quest that was voted by the players in the discord, whilst the builders have been working on the next map expansion with amazing work being done.

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  • Add Fletching cape perk
  • Add confirmation to house move screen
  • Add amount prompts to input interfaces (K, M)
  • Add right click clear to burnt pies
  • Add some missing items to Cooking
  • Add shift clicks to Mage of Zamorak
  • Fix Mining cape perk not giving exp
  • Fix combat type in Warriors' Guild
  • Fix animated armours when leaving room
  • Fix dragon leather shields requiring needle to make
  • Fix mith grapple not smithable/craftable
  • Fix info for metal dragon Slayer extension
  • Fix issue with fishing timers moving too fast
  • Fix armours displaying incorrectly on login
  • Fix some requirements not taking boosted levels
  • Fix Fishing Contest requiring more than 1 fish
  • Fix lamp oil still missing
  • Fix ham guards drop rates
  • Fix red dragons herb/gem chances
  • Fix ghost mob not using model
  • Fix dragon dagger/longsword quest requirement
  • Fix Fishing cape teleport
  • Fix Thieving resetting when clicked again
  • Fix mob drops for ironman characters
  • Fix guild trophies for visiting ironman
  • Fix silk trader from buying stolen silk
  • Fix ghost mob using a skin instead of a model
  • Removed binding spells half time length when using Prayer